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Natural Gardening

What is Natural Gardening and is it right for YOU?

Natural Gardening is a system that emphasizes soil health, a diverse population of plants, insects, and other beneficial creatures through:

  • Minimal soil disturbance(broad fork application)

  •  No harsh chemicals(insecticides, fungicides, herbicides)

  •  Natural soil amendments

  • utilization of 1st succession plants(AKA weeds), cover crops

  • improving soil biology, diversity and health


Is this right for you?

If you have problems such as:

  • insect and disease 

  • watering too much

  • produce quality and storability

  • lack of beneficial insects

  • takes too much time

  • I don't know how to get started

  • I don't have the right tools

plant roots mycorrhizae.jpg

Earth Is Our Home can help!

  • We offer on site consultation

  • Soil testing and result recommendations

  • Products that help enhance the soil health of your site

  • Local co-op for AEA foliar products: (helps cut down on shipping costs)

  • Power point presentations for schools, groups, anyone interested in creating healthy ecosystems.

  • Recommendations for educational materials( Books, videos, webinars)

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