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Here's what my clients are saying...


My vegetable garden was producing less and less, and insects and plant diseases were reducing it further.  I learned of the Albrecht System 3 years ago and started applying its principles on my own but did not have a good local source for supplements or advice.  When I saw an article about Jim's passion for growing and nurturing the earth, I knew I had found the right guy.  The results of his consultation and recommendations far exceeded my expectations.  Beautiful, huge, lush green plants.  Giant 10 pound cabbages, loads of beautiful beans, and huge tomato plants loaded with softball-sized, meaty fruits - the same Early Girl variety I've been planting every year but 2 times larger.  Much less weeding and absolutely no insect problems.  I am a believer!  


Sue Mitsch

Healthier plants
less watering
less insect predation
less work
healthier produce
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