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Jim Etzel in the sunflowers at PRB community garden

My name is Jim Etzel, and I live in Hackensack, MN. My love for the natural world is why I chose to get into soil consulting. The current system is not healthy for Earth.  I can give people a better system to use, that does not kill the Earth and promotes, diversity, healthy soils, clean water, clean air and less work.  It's time to stop killing the living world and embrace nature's beauty and flow.


My background is in Biology and Teaching. I received my Bachelor's degree in Biology from Bemidji State University in 2002. I began my education in 1985 at St.Cloud State University as a Physical Education major. After almost completing the program I realized that my true love of the outdoors was my true path and my journey began in Biology.

My vision is to educate people on soils, ecological forest management, gardening, and water management. I want to bring to light the damages that are being done to the natural world and then create solutions to remedy the problems. I'm a hunter, a fisherman, a naturalist, a cyclist, a gardener and a composter. I deal with the natural world on a few different levels and have realized that people need to become part of nature again. I can help!

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