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Earth Is Our Home offers a co-op opportunity for people to share the cost of shipping on AEA products( This is a local opportunity only). 

John Kempf and his team have been working on Regenerative Agriculture concepts for some time now. They have come up with some amazing products that encourage soil biology, overall plant health, and are easy on the environment.

Please check them out! They have a wealth of knowledge on creating healthy soil systems.

For more information on the co-op opportunity, please press the information button. 

Mycorrhizal Fungi is a beneficial fungi that affiliates with over 95% of plants on the planet. It assists with nutrient and water uptake, soil aggregation, and transplant shock.

SolubleMAXX has the greatest diversity of Ecto/Endo mycorrhizal species that I have found along with other beneficial ingredients for soil health. It works wonderfully for flowers, trees, shrubs, grass, vegetables and more. 

Please hit the info button for details.

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