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1st of April and the snow is melting in Northern MN. Leave the leaves and dead plants for the creatures that are still hibernating.

Updated: Apr 20

spring clean up in garden
Leave the leaves in your garden and yard

With the last of the snow(hopefully) melting, the Earth will be exposed once again. Remember to leave the leaves in your garden and yard and other materials on the surface as long as you can or just don't remove it. If you mow, then the mower will take care of any leaves, twigs, or any other dead plant material. Once this is chopped up, it will be food for the soil community. The hollow stems are homes and hiding places for insects, and they like to stay comfortable, just like we do. The leaves are protection from the elements for many insects, so leaving them as long as possible is good! The creatures that live in our gardens need some time to wake up, reproduce, and thrive. Have a great spring!

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