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Earth Is Our Home Environmental Solutions. Where did the name come from, and what does it stand for?

Updated: Apr 1

My name is Jim Etzel and I own Earth Is Our Home Environmental Solutions. I'm in Hackensack, MN and love the outdoors. Some people have commented on the LONG business name. Here is the story behind that. I wanted something catchy and true,so I chose, Earth Is Our Home! Life on Earth is in trouble right now due to human activity, but we can repair that with our actions, so I figured, why not state the obvious! If you take the first letter of Earth Is Our Home, you get E.I.O.H or EI-OH! Old Mcdonald grew some produce, E I E I -OH! We can grow food locally, in a manner that does not harm, but helps the natural world. We can be mutualistic creatures on Earth if we change our mindset and that is what I want to accomplish with Earth Is Our Home. I welcome you to the site and hope that we can accomplish great things together and create a world that future generations can brag about.

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